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TT Collection

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The TT collection designed by Alfredo Haberli consists of a variety of seating options at various widths and heights.


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

710mm / 710mm / 380mm (TT1 Flat-stool)

710mm / 710mm / 980mm / 380mm (TT1 High-easychair)

1410mm / 710mm / 760mm / 380mm (TT2 Low-2 seat sofa)

1410mm / 710mm / 980mm / 380mm (TT2 High-2 seat sofa)

1910mm / 710mm / 380mm (TT3 Flat- Low 3 seat bench)

1910mm / 710mm / 760mm / 380mm (TT3 Low- 3 seat low sofa)