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Danny Venlet
AUD$2,000 - AUD$3,000

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Extremis' IceCube simply is the perfect cooler at all your parties, in- or outdoors. Its integrated lighting unit creates a real party ambiance and makes it even more attractive.

The TL blue light lighting unit simply rests underneath the polythylene cooler. Coloured cocktails or bottles provide even more party ambience.

Add ice and drinks and party on!

The IceCube has an optional integrated drainage hose to evacuate the melting water. As a result, the ice remains fresh longer.

Additional Options

* light set
* drain + hose
* extension drainage hose
* 4 wheels
* Cushion

In addition Utensile Serva tray nests neatly on top of the IceCube which allows you to leave glasses, fingerfood or open bottles on a safe place and right above the ice.


Depending on the light you put in the IceCube, you get another athmosphere. We provide blue lights, but other colour lamps can be pruchased from lighting distributors.




1500mmW x 500mmD x 500mmH

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